Family Adventure Week-End

Blueprints to Building a Strong Family Legacy

You’re invited to be with us at the campgrounds in Central Florida  called Family Adventure Week-End  where we will be equipping couples and building Christian families for life. We have a few outdoor events throughout the year usually between September and December and then again from February to May, when the weather is cool enough to enjoy.I guarantee that when you spend a week-end retreat at a campground with your entire family you will get connected again and start to create a team.We’ll be coaching you and teaching you the Blueprints to building a Strong Family Legacy”. The week-end will be with fun filled family activities, couples training and prayer time with an opportunity to reunite as a family.

This will be a weekend that you will never forget.  As a team leader, parent, coach, husband or wife you will receive more than simple marital advice, you will be empowered to determine together, God’s purpose for your marriage and your family dynasty. The event will be mostly outdoors and all the activities will be at the campsite, pavilion, fire-pit and prayer chapel. “Strong Family Legacy” seeks to provide your family with a meaningful and memorable experience. Whatever your purpose.

This is not your normal cam pout; it’s a family retreat and encounter. The format of this program is designed to enhance the communication development in your family relationship and to deviate you from your boring and crazy routine that you’ve been on.  You already have too much stress and tension in your daily life, it is time to slow down and Energize Your Marriage. It is so comprehensive you will find extraordinary change, guaranteed, all held at the most beautiful, relaxing location in all of Central Florida.


The event and campsite is located among beautiful moss-covered oak trees on the shores of Lake Griffin, in the central Florida town of Fruitland Park, just north of Leesburg, Florida.  You will spend some time with us in the prayer chapel, walk the “Path of Silence” or nature trail, sit on a swing by the lake, or take a prayerful walk in the labyrinth.

Space is extremely limited, only the first 14 families would be able to participate per event.

The schedules dates for the next events will be on Mar. 21 to 23 of 2014 and Apr. 11 to 13 of 2014 weather permitting.

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    • Tent sites included in the price for the two night stay, we do not provide the tents or camping equipment.
    • Meeting spaces are included.
    • Included in the cost per family: Breakfast Saturday morning. Saturday lunch and Saturday diner.Breakfast Sunday morning.
    • Any handouts and learning &training materials.

    You can start setting up your tent as of 2 pm on Friday afternoon.

    The Benefits of Outdoor time with your Family is priceless.

    1. Bonding. When you do something like camping with your family, it really takes the whole family to make the camp work. Everyone has a role, everyone can pitch in, and therefore everyone is interacting so much more than if you were in a hotel with adjoining rooms.

    2. No TV! You’ve probably tried unplugging the TV at home, but short of throwing it out the window, kids are going to watch more than we want them to. Out in the wilderness, there is no television. You’ll watch nature together, go exploring, and have that one-on-one attention you need as a family.

    3. Fresh air. Breathing in the fresh air is nature’s recharger. It’s healthy for our bodies and what mom isn’t looking for healthy things to put in our kids’ bodies? What a great opportunity to thank God for all the good He has given us.

    4. Truly connecting with nature. Too often we take nature for granted and this wears off on our kids. Spending a few days in nature with the family will teach your kids things they may have never knew before. They may know how to work an iPad, but tent-side they will learn how to build a fire, catch a fish, see animal habitats, and all the natural architecture nature has to offer.

    5. Builds focus. Constant TV, Facebook, and texting isn’t great for focus or our kids’ eyesight. It’s not good for us either. Being free of all that — being in the present and interacting — will build focus.

    6. No stress. Vacations can be stressful. Sometimes when you get home from vacation, you need another vacation from your vacation. But once you settle into camping with your family, the stress of every day will disappear. You’ll all get home feeling stress-free, recharged, and energized. Even better than a cup of coffee.


    2  to  6 pm   Set-up tents and site preparation (Welcome)

    6:00 pm to 7:00 pm                             Diner at campsites

    7:00 pm to 7:20 pm    Kitchen Patrol & clean up (Men or Youth)

    7:30 pm to 8:00 pm      Welcome - at the Pavilion…    instructions rules &regulations of the camp

    8:15 pm to 9:45 pm       Session One      Spousal Responsibilities (Men Only at the Chapel)

    10:00 pm                      Quiet Time                Fire ring

    11:00 pm                       Lights Out



    6:30 am       Wake up time    Good Morning Jesus  (El queMadruga, Dios lo ayuda)

    7:00 am to 8:30 am       Breakfast…& KP             at campsite

    8:00 to 10:00 am         Session #2… Spousal Responsibilities  ‘Women Only at the Chapel”

    10:00 to 11:30 am       Session #3  Youth  Session  There’s No Such Thing as Failure   Fire Ring

    10:15 to 12:00            Session #4   Successful Marriage Building Strategies  “The Pavilion”

    12:00 pm to 3 pm          Lunch and Relax time   Free time

    3:00 pm to 5 pm           Sess.#5 Embracing a Sense of Mission for Your Life & Family The Pavilion

    6:00 pm to 8:00 pm      Dinner and Clean up

    8:00 to 10:00 pm         Special time with the entire family     Fire Pit and the Pavilion


    7:00 am 9 am               Breakfast & clean up

    9:00 am to 10:00 am    Sunday Service    “The Pavilion”  The Key to Winning EVERY Race

    11:00 am                     Pack up & Clean up



    Important Notice: BRING and SHARE YOUR PROVISIONS (food & beverage) for the entire duration of the week end event.

    You will need the following in regards to the meals (food).  You will need Friday nights diner, Saturday breakfast, and diner, Sunday's breakfast.

    We will provide the Lunch for Saturday only.