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How To Forgive A Cheating Spouse

If you are looking for information on how to forgive a cheating spouse, the good news is that you are already half way there.

You must be willing to forgive if you are even reading this article, and somebody who wants to forgive is already open to healing.

Learning how to forgive a cheating spouse is no different than any other kind of forgiveness. If you have always been able to forgive other people when they do something that hurts you, you will probably not have too much trouble. Just keep it in your mind each day that you want to forgive.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who tends to hold a grudge, you may find it harder. Practice forgiving all of the little things that people do to upset you during the day.

For example if somebody knocks against you in the street, do you get angry? Forgive them instead. See the good qualities of the person; realize that they probably have stresses and strains in their life. They probably did not mean to bump into you; and if they did, something bad must have happened to them to make them want to do that.

When you practice forgiving people, you will come to see that the emotions you feel are your own responsibility, not theirs. We can forgive most things when we are happy. At other times the tiniest thing will make us feel furious with the whole world.

How to forgive a cheating spouse is a gradual thing. It’s not like you forgive and then everything is OK for ever. You have to forgive every time that you feel the pain. Even after years, there will still be times when something reminds you of how much it hurt. It will get easier, but you will still need to forgive.

Keep in mind that if your spouse is asking for your forgiveness, that means they want to save the marriage and stay with you. Therefore, even in the case of somebody who has had repeated affairs, you can be sure that it is you they want to be with for the long term. It is simply that they have trouble controlling their short term emotional or hormonal impulses.

Understand, too, that there may be a greater purpose in what has happened. There could be a lesson in it that you need to learn. It may even bring you closer, allow you to talk about what was lacking in your marriage, and make your marriage stronger.

A good way when it comes to how to forgive a cheating spouse is to remind yourself about what really matters whenever you find yourself thinking about your spouse’s affair. For example, if you are imagining them together, you need to put that thought aside and tell yourself that it is not important any more.

What matters now is forgiveness, saving the marriage and moving on in your lives together. If you can keep that at the front of your mind, you will soon have mastered how to forgive a cheating spouse.