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The Best Way To Find Christian Marriage Counseling

The first step in finding Christian marriage counseling is to ask your pastor or other church leader. 

Many marriage counselors are also pastors, so you may find that your church offers this service or can refer you to another church leader in your area.

There is a big difference between a professional counselor who is also a Christian, and somebody who offers Christian marriage counseling. some people use the word Christian to make their services more attractive to clients. It does not mean that they will necessarily approach your counseling from the point of view of your relationship with God or your church.

When you are looking for Christian marriage counseling, do not be satisfied with second best. You will almost certainly want a counselor who will take your faith as the basis for the counseling. This can be very important and helpful for a couple with a strong Christian faith.

However, remember that there are many strands of Christianity. You will want to be sure that the counselor understands and preferably shares your own beliefs and priorities. That is why your own church is often the ideal way to find the best Christian marriage counseling for you.

Of course, sometimes you might not want to consult somebody who knows you very well. You might prefer that your pastor does not know about the problems in your marriage. Still, it is usually the case that the people close to you, especially in church, already know more than you think. It is usually better that your pastor knows that you are seeking counseling, even if you prefer to have your counselor be somebody who will be meeting you for the first time.

Do not forget to check that your counselor is properly trained and qualified. While many local pastoral counselors do not have the same professional qualifications as non-faith based therapists and counselors, you should expect them to have followed a thorough training course.

The American Association of Pastoral Counselors requires almost professional level counseling training. In many cases these pastors act as therapists. If you are looking for Christian marriage counseling, you may not need such a high level of qualification as this.

You might want to start with somebody who is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, for example. These are often lay people with little or no professional training, but who follow a certain code of ethics and Christian based values.

These are just examples of some of the bodies that could help you in your search for Christian marriage counseling. There are many others.

There are several points to keep in mind when you are looking for Christian marriage advice. For example, do you mind whether your counselor is male or female? Do you want the counseling to include advice on prayer? Do you want to find a counselor who shares your views on issues such as divorce, remarriage, roles of husband and wife, adultery, etc?

It is fine to call the counselor’s office and ask these questions before you make your choice. It is also very important to discuss these points with your partner. That way you can be sure that you both agree on the basis for your Christian marriage counseling before you commit to any counseling service.