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Where To Get Free Relationship Advice

There are many places that you can get free relationship advice, but some of them will be more reliable than others.

In this article we give you some hints and tips for where to look for free relationship advice and what to watch out for.

Free Relationship Advice Online

There are many websites online offering free relationship advice. In some cases, they may be sites that are run by professional counselors who will provide answers to common questions in the form of an FAQ page or an ebook that you can download.

Other times you can log in to a site and have your questions answered personally. You may find forums where people are willing to give advice like this. You can also try asking your question on a site like Yahoo Answers.

In either case, keep in mind the fact that most people who answer your questions on these sites are unqualified regular folks. Some of them may have a lot of experience of keeping a relationship alive; others may be kids who have never been in a relationship at all. You just don’t know. Still, the answers that you get may give you some ideas that you can try.

When you are online, remember most professional relationship counselors need to earn a living. Like all of us, they cannot afford to sit around answering questions on free websites all day, or their kids would not eat. So in many cases, where you find free relationship advice offered online, it will not be from a professional. Or if there is a qualified relationship counselor associated with the site, they may not be online for very much of the time.

Remember that you usually do not know who you are talking to when you are online, and you cannot be sure that the advice you are getting is the best. Nevertheless, you may decide to give it a try. Of course, be careful not to give personal identity information to strangers online.

Free Relationship Advice In Your Local Area

You may be able to find free relationship advice in your local area. One on one is the best form of counseling because you will both be able to talk with somebody face to face, together. Going to your spouse or partner and saying, “I saw on this website where the counselor said ….” is not nearly so powerful as having your partner hear the same advice from the counselor direct in a face to face interview.

Of course, what is available depends on where you live. It may not be easy to find. If you are a member of a church or other religious organization, the best place to start is usually by talking to your pastor. Some pastors are qualified counselors themselves, but even if yours is not or if you prefer to see somebody else, they can usually refer you somewhere. Ministers of religion are constantly seeing people with relationship difficulties so they will be experienced enough to help you find the free relationship advice that you need.