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Who Can Help Save My Marriage?

Who can help save my marriage? It is a good question.

It can be hard to know who to turn to when your marriage is in trouble. You may feel isolated and alone with your problem. Your spouse may be unwilling to talk or you may feel that your spouse is the last person that you would even want to talk to. Who can help in that situation?

Fortunately, the answer is that there are almost certainly many people within easy reach that you can turn to when you are wondering who can help save my marriage.

In most cases, the first person that anybody tells would be a close friend. Here you need to be a little cautious because probably you will want your friend to respect your confidence. Before you speak, think about what has happened when you have confided your problems to that friend before.

Did it help? Were they sympathetic or did they really not want to know? Did they have useful advice to give? And did they keep the matter private, or did you find out later that they had told all of the rest of your crowd?

In most cases, the most that you can expect of a friend or family member is that they will listen and provide a sympathetic ear. This may be useful because just talking about what is happening can give you a new perspective on the problems that you are having.

But before you talk to anybody, it is best at least to tell your partner what you are doing. If your spouse finds out that you went ahead and gave all the details of your problems to a friend without discussing it first, he or she may be very angry. It may even have the opposite effect than you intended, and cause even more problems in the marriage.

Of course, if the issues in the marriage have gone beyond your own feelings, you probably need a different answer to the question of who can help save my marriage.

For example, you may need a professional counselor. This can be expensive but so can divorce. The most important point here is to find the best counselor, which means one that both of you can trust.

If you are the one who is asking ‘who can help save my marriage’ while your spouse is less committed, you may need to put your own preferences aside in some respects. The most important thing is that you both want to work on this. Since you already want to save the marriage, your partner’s feelings about the counselor will be very important.

If you are Christian or have another strong faith, you may want to seek counseling through your church or religious community. Again, if the two of you are of different faiths, consider going with your partner’s choice so that they feel more positive about the counseling experience.

Keeping all of these points in mind will help you to have the best chance of rebuilding your relationship. We hope this has helped you to find the answer to your question, who can help save my marriage.